Metal - more than just a package, in and for the future!

Tinplate is an ecological packaging material that is 100 percent recyclable. Metal packaging not only provide optimum protection for their contents. As a permanent and indestructible metal material also provides a valuable basis for the production of new, endlessly available products made ​​of metal.


Sustainable, versatile, safe – and beautiful!



Produkt program:

Tinplate (electrolytic tin coated steel), Tin free steel (electrolytic chromium coated steel) (ECCS/TFS) in sheets, specifications according to DIN EN 10202.


Width: 510 mm – 1.150 mm
Length: 520 mm – 1.200 mm
Thickness:   0,13 mm – 0,55 mm


The sheet cut can provide benefits to further stages of production, e.g. savings in paint / ink are possible. We are happy to assist!




Straight-cut sheets are used for rectangular sheet metal parts such as fuselage cut-outs, crown corks, etc.







Scroll-cut sheets for round sheet metal parts such as covers or cups that provide a high level of material savings compared to the straight cut.


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